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Marian Timms

Mobile reflexologist near Portsmouth. 07872626457

I typically work with professional men and women aged 40-50 who find that juggling the demands of family life and business affects their sleep quality.
I help them achieve a restorative night's sleep, every night to wake energised, productive, focused and the best version of themselves.

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Welcome to my website

Welcome to Marian's Holistic Mobile Therapies in Hampshire, providing reflexology for Waterlooville near Portsmouth.

I provide expert mobile reflexology for Waterlooville and Natural face lift massage for Hampshire and cover an area of 20 miles radius including Bognor Regis, Bishops Waltham, Chichester, Fareham, Hambledon, Hedge End, Rowland's Castle, Portsmouth, Southsea, Southampton and Titchfield.

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I offer high quality treatments in the comfort of your own home or the convenience of the workplace including Reflexology, Hot Stones Reflexology, Natural face lift massage and ear candling. I am a fully qualified Member of the Association of Reflexologists AoR and also a member of the Complementary Therapists Association CThA

I also promote healthy living through my Nikken UK business: www.nikken.com/eu/mariantimms www.nikken.com/eu/mariantimms and through VoxxLife Neurotechnologies: mariantimms.voxxlife.com VOXXLIFE

I offer Wellness consultations via Skype, to assess whether we are a good match to work together and then if you want to work with me, I recommend a suitable package. Pay as you go options available or up front payment for the whole package saving you money.

I am very good at what I do. I regularly update my knowledge and attend courses so that the service I provide is second to none and the best for you.
Do not be misled by therapists claiming to be a 'Reflexologist' who have done on-line or weekend training. It takes hours of hard work to achieve the standard I have.

"Marian is one of the most genuine caring ladies I have ever met, her Nikken Products are life changing along with her passion to help everyone is inspiring ♥️"

Why choose me? I am London trained reflexologist and bring that quality to my mobile service where I can come to you in the security and comfort of your own home if you are not able bodied or suffer with agoraphobia; otherwise, I can see you at my lovely treatment room in Widley. I am very good at what I do but don't take my word for it, have a look at my testimonials. Testimonials

My USP is that I only do a maximum of three treatments a day so that the quality is not compromised with tiredness, and I also combine a wide variety of techniques to optimise the result to lessen your stress. Less is more. I typically work with stressed out mums/dads in the Waterlooville and Portsmouth area who have very little support from family. I also welcome any client who wants to better their health in a holistic way. By combining my natural healing abilities, reflexology and the magnetic products I promote I can generally help you become your better self.

Reflexology has been shown to improve mood, improve sleep and reduce anxiety.

Are you are stressed, anxious or depressed? Do you find it hard to have a good night's sleep? Do you find it hard to relax? Do you suffer from Women's problems? Are you concerned about your general well being and health?

If the answer is yes, then look no further. You may well benefit from a session or course of reflexology. Call 07872626457 to find out with no obligation, if I can help you

Hours of Business for Reflexology Waterlooville:

Tuesday to Friday: 11am - 7.00 pm. (Last appointment 6 pm).
No weekends; I value my work life balance

Payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer
24 hours cancellation notice required please.
In the event this is not possible, a charge equivalent to the session charge will be payable within 24 hours by Bacs transfer

Gift vouchers available to any amount for any occasion.
Please note, minors under 16 must always have a parent or Guardian present throughout session.

Contact Me to ask a question or discuss FREE if Reflexology is the therapy for you. Or call 07872626457

I am an expert mobile reflexologist in the Portsmouth area and offer mobile reflexology, Mindful reflexology supporting anxiety stress and depression, Hot stones reflexology, natural face lift massage and Thermo-Auricular Therapy/ Ear candling for Hampshire.

Treatments can be combined and adapted to suit your needs and available time and are therefore very bespoke.

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Reflexologist for Portsmouth area

Reflexology can fit into a busy lifestyle and can become a welcome respite in an otherwise busy world, helping you feel more able to cope with the treadmill of life.

My aim is to relax, de-stress and rebalance you to improve your sleep and help you achieve a healthier, happier you.

With ever increasing stress in our world, it is important to take personal responsibility for our lives and find ways to combat stress and anxiety which, long term can affect our well being and lead to disease and illness.

I can perform reflexology on hands, feet or face and I specialise in baby reflexology (after the 6 week check), pregnancy and women's health reflexology.

Could not recommend Marian enough!! She did reflexology on me and my 12 week old son who suffers with colic and the results are amazing! My son is like a different child as she’s taught me everything to do with him, and then I had 1 hour of reflexology myself and OMG she’s amazing!!! Felt completely relaxed and enjoyed every single second of it!! Not only if she amazing at her job and very professional but she’s a lovely lovely lady and I can’t wait to see her again soon. 29.10.2019

For guided high quality antenatal courses led by qualified midwives, please see Lets Talk Birth and Baby Lets Talk Birth and Baby

I have regular reflexology and find it totally relaxing. I also believe it aligned my body as I fell pregnant soon after starting my sessions.

Learn More About Reflexology

It is suitable for all and any age subject to suitable consultation which is confidential and included in the first session.
If there is an undiagnosed health problem, written medical permission may be required in order to proceed safely.

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Natural Face lift Massage

It incorporates a unique blend of very effective massage techniques designed to delay the visible signs of ageing and prevent further damage in the future by means of simple, natural techniques. There are no needles, fillers, Botox injections or products which makes it suitable for those suffering allergies to commercial products abundant on the market.
It combines ancient knowledge from Ayurvedic and Chinese healing systems with a modern approach.

Natural face lift massage

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Ear Candling

It has been known to help relieve conditions such as: common colds, ear ache, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, headaches, snoring, pressure related from flying and TMJ problems.

Explore Ear Candling


So if you are experiencing conditions such as stress, anxiety, sleep problems or hormonal imbalances from menstrual to menopause then please feel free to contact me for reflexology as I may very well be able to help and if you would like to experience a natural face lift massage in the comfort of your home, please do not hesitate to get in touch; you will hopefully not be disappointed. If you are pregnant and would like to experience reflexology during your pregnancy, then please contact me. There is no obligation to book if you feel that after talking to me, you have changed your mind. Your call or enquiry is important to me. Thank you for visiting my website.

The only real way to know if any of these therapies: Natural face lift massage, ear candling or reflexology will help is to try them, so, please call me, a mobile reflexologist in Portsmouth area, if you have any questions. Or Google Natural face lift massage Hampshire or Reflexologist Portsmouth Reflexology Waterlooville.

Womens' health problems are very important to me and symptoms can be helped by regular reflexology; menstrual cycles have been helped in regularity and severity lessened so don't suffer needlessly, why not let me come and help you?

Contact Me or call 07872626457

Please feel free to ask me if you have a question that is not listed in the link below without obligation. No question is irrelevant if it helps you make an informed choice to choose me. Thank you.

Typical Session & Questions

Please note: Reflexology should not be used as an alternative to seeking conventional medical advice

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Work day Sleep Retreats

Do you suffer with sleepless nights like most people in the population?

Do you sleep a good number of hours yet still wake up feeling tired?

Everybody knows how important sleep is for mental health and productivity and longevity.

Everybody says how amazing the magnetic sleep system is for relieving insomnia and it has proved to be very popular and restorative.
So you know how you take time in your lunch break to catch up on social media and emails, why not come and have a sleep retreat instead and return to work recharged and refreshed for the rest of the afternoon?

Early morning appointments ALSO available for night workers coming off shift from 8.30 am and evening slots available for on the way home from work.

There is a saying by F.Scott Fitzgerald that "The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to" how true is this.

I have some good news and some bad news; the bad news is that continual sleep deprivation will shorten your life; the good news is that half an hour in this amazing system, will feel like a lot longer and benefit your whole body.

The session includes a 5 minute magnetic massage followed by 30 minutes of absolute blissful rest and filtered, mineralised, alkalised water to hydrate you after your experience.

Longer sessions are available depending on budget but the magnetic rollout will remain at 5 minutes at the start.

There will be a pre-qualifying consultation included over the telephone before booking and payment is required by bacs transfer BEFORE your appointment and payment is non refundable. Missed appointments may be rescheduled if there is availability.

Contraindications include earlier style pace makers and pregnancy.

You remain fully clothed except for your footwear. The bare minimum is underwear because of the massage element.

There is the option to include a grounding mat also for an extra charge of £5.

All the products are available to order so you can continue the experience in your own home:

Loyalty cards and packages available: buy 10 and get the next session FREE.

Here is a video detailing my journey from Biomedical scientist to reflexologist and wellness advisor:

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