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The invisible source of your sleep struggles

Does any of the following sound familiar to you?

You lose your rag with your partner or kids daily, you’re constantly overwhelmed and exhausted, you wake up feeling just as tired as you did when you went to bed.

And yet… come the evening, you can’t fall asleep, let alone stay asleep – and then you can’t wake up when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Or perhaps the cause of your particular brand of sleep deprivation is approximately one metre tall, very cute and seemingly never asleep. Having raised three kids, you’d better believe I know how tough parenting is on our sleep patterns.

If any of this rings a bell, you’re far from alone. Millions of people find themselves unable to get the sleep they so badly need (and that they absolutely deserve).

One of the many things I love about helping people repair their relationship with sleep is that it involves something hugely influential (and simple) that most of us have forgotten about.

To explain what I mean here, we’ve got to zoom out. …Alllll the way out.

Blogs. Childrenlookingatplanetearth

Earth power

Our planet is a glorious gigantic magnet with two poles. Ask the nearest child and they’d be able to tell you that – but it’s easy to overlook this simple fact as we grow up and life picks up speed.
Importantly for us when thinking about sleep, what this means is that the world has a colossal magnetic field around it. This protects the planet’s surface from harmful radiation.
And Earth’s not the only one with a magnetic field… you have one too.

You’re bioelectrical, baby

Yes, there’s more… Because we’re not just magnetic, we’re also electric.
Within our human frame of skin, bone and muscles, we have trillions of nerve pathways. And electrical energy is constantly zipping along those pathways, doing its thing.
In fact, all kinds of cells and tissues communicate electronically as part of their function.
Indeed, many cultures believe that the way that energy flows around the body determines health.
Our electromagnetic field is a part of us and – like our physical body – it needs looking after. Because nowadays, it’s all too common for it to get knocked off balance.

So what’s the problem?

Think about it. Connecting with Earth is good for our beings – yet most of us spend our life completely insulated from it. We wear rubber-soled shoes, drive around in cars, have well insulated homes, and live in areas full of large structures. We’re our own worst enemies.

Then there’s the way that the electromagnetic frequencies of the many devices that surround us can throw off our own electromagnetic fields.

Yes, I hear what you’re thinking… and these are amazing advancements that deliver us a decent quality of life. But to truly thrive, we need to also be connected to the Earth’s energies. And they don’t help on that front.

But hold up… I’m going to issue an important clarification at this point:
I’m not suggesting you burn your laptop, strip naked and run off into the woods (unless you want to, in which case – go for it!) I’m merely painting a picture of why our electromagnetic balance is a bit trickier to get right in this day and age.

What you can do about it?

One of the most powerful times to nourish our electromagnetic field is when we’re already doing something incredibly powerful for our health: Sleep! Because when we sleep better, we live better.
Electromagnetic field disturbance disrupts our sleep, but the reverse is also true: restoration of our electromagnetic field helps us fix a broken sleep pattern.
This restoration is something I support clients with. More broadly, I can help you with the very important business of getting your mind and body ready for sleep.
…It’s part tried-and-tested expertise, part ancient medical wisdom – all tailored entirely to you.
Under my guidance, people are able to create a positive spiral towards peaceful sleep, and all the benefits and protections that can offer.
Ready to transform and heal your relationship with sleep? Download my free e-book today: Free e-book for sleep tips

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