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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that encourages the body to balance and heal itself.
Specific points/reflexes on the hands, feet, lower legs, face and ears mirror specific organs and systems in the body, so by applying thumb or finger pressure to these points, the body is encouraged to heal itself.

As Eunice Ingham (1889-1974) who is often referred to as the 'mother of modern reflexology' said:

The why and wherefore I am not prepared to explain, I only ask that you try it out
Eunice Ingham

Until the 1960's reflexology was practised primarily in the USA, but in 1966, Doreen Bayley trained with Eunice Ingham and then introduced reflexology to the UK. Modern reflexology is increasingly linked to traditional Chinese medicine and meridian therapy is now being taught in many reflexology schools.

The concept of 'Zone therapy' was introduced by Dr. William Fitzgerald and is based on the principle that the body can be divided into 10 longitudinal zones running up the length of the body; five on each side of the median line of the body. He described them as "ten invisible currents of energy". The big toes and the thumbs are themselves further divided into five zones each.

As a reflexologist, we are working within those energy zones and feeling for blockages in energy or congestion which can feel like grains of sand or crystalline deposits. By finger walking over the zones, the blockages will be removed allowing free flow of energy.

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"Wow - just had a very relaxing session of Reflexology with the lovely Marian. She picked up on lots of areas I've been struggling with just by touching my feet. She puts you at ease, but was also happy to answer my inquisitive questions about what she was doing as we went along! Whether you have a specific health issue, or would simply like some time to relax and switch off, I can highly recommend Marian's services!"

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Which conditions can it help?

Reflexology helps to relax a person, helps the body cope with stress and improves the circulation of blood and lymph. It has been known to improve sleep quality and patterns, help you feel less frazzled, release tension, improve mood and ones general well-being. You do not have to have a particular "issue" to have reflexology; it can be used as a time out for you to relax and forget the outside world for a short time.

Well-being is much more than simply the absence of illness; it includes an improved frame of mind, better relationships with those around you and increased happiness and I have been privileged to witness this in some of my clients which is so rewarding for both parties.

Typical Session

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Womens' Health and Reflexology

We all experience times when we feel we need a little extra help; puberty, adolescence, exams, the week before your period if you have PMS or leading up to and beyond the menopause. Add into the equation, fluctuating hormone levels and it is not surprising that women need to do something extra to support their well-being.

Please note that a single session achieves nothing long term and is more for a one off pamper.

Alongside work, women often find themselves running the home, organising family routines, budgeting and many more tasks too numerous to mention, so stress is a big factor. If stress levels remain high for too long, well-being can be affected causing detrimental effects on the body including changes in some hormone levels. These changes can affect the mind and emotions.

Everyone is unique and responds differently to treatment but as a reflexologist I can help reduce the intensity and duration of menstrual pain, improve sleep and PMS, reduce anxiety and relieve constipation.

Thank you Marian for another wonderful reflexology session you gave me and my 10 month old son. We both absolutely loved it and can't wait for our next one. PS

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Work day Power Sleeps

What value do YOU place on your health and a good night's sleep?

I typically work with professional men and women aged 40-50 who find that juggling the demands of family life and business affects their sleep quality.
I help them achieve a restorative night's sleep, every night to wake energised, productive, focused and the best version of themselves.

Do you suffer with sleepless nights like most people in the population?

Do you sleep a good number of hours yet still wake up feeling tired?

Everybody knows how important sleep is for mental health and productivity and longevity.

Everybody says how amazing the magnetic sleep system is for relieving insomnia and it has proved to be very popular and restorative.
So you know how you take time in your lunch break to catch up on social media and emails, why not come and have a sleep retreat instead and return to work recharged and refreshed for the rest of the afternoon?

There is a saying by F.Scott Fitzgerald that "The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to" how true is this.

I have some good news and some bad news; the bad news is that continual sleep deprivation will shorten your life; the good news is that half an hour in this amazing system, will feel like a lot longer and benefit your whole body.

There will be a pre-qualifying sleep 'mot' included over the telephone before booking where we dig deep to see how good your sleep hygiene and routine is and a 'sleep prescription' with recommendations will be sent by email.

The session includes a 5 minute magnetic massage followed by 30 minutes of absolute blissful rest and filtered, mineralised, alkalised water to hydrate you after your experience.

***Contraindications include earlier style pace makers and pregnancy.***

You remain fully clothed except for your footwear.

There is the option to include a grounding mat also for an extra charge.

All the products are available to order so you can continue the experience in your own home:

Loyalty cards and packages available: buy 10 and get the next session FREE.

Payment is required by bacs transfer BEFORE your appointment and payment is non refundable. Missed appointments may be rescheduled if there is availability.

Workplace Health and Wellness days

A topical subject so why not book me for a day in the workplace to do 20 minute de-stress sessions for your employees, students, teachers, University lecturers? POA.

Reflexologists are not taught to diagnose and a good one never will.

Please note: Reflexology should not be used as an alternative to seeking conventional medical advice.

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