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Nikken. Waterfall

Nikken Magnetic Wellness

Nikken click here to visit all the wonderful products that are available.

Marian is one of the most genuine caring ladies I have ever met, her Nikken Products are life changing along with her passion to help everyone is inspiring ♥️ DH

I offer a loan system for a small refundable deposit so that you may try before you buy.

Nikken product testimonials

All areas of Britain considered on the understanding that should you wish an in house demo, you gather together a group of interested parties for a group demo.

I am looking to recruit a team of like minded individuals who want to live healthier lives and promote wellness living to others. Who want to work around family life and earn a respectable income through hard work and dedication; educating and inspiring others.

Nikken business opportunity

We at Nikken, believe in the Five Pillars of Health: Healthy, Mind, Body, Family, Society and Finances.

When these are all in balance, you can then be so much more than you may be already, as we say, "Humans Being More."

Our products include:
Magnetic sleep systems; quilt, mattress topper, pillow and eye mask.

Single quilt

Water filtration systems which convert tap water to alkaline, "living" Pimag water in a counter top unit that requires no plumbing or electrics.

Waterfall filtration system

Alkaline water demonstration Youtube

Nutritional supplements.
Jewellery, joint wraps, insoles and much much more.

Nikken insole strength demonstration


Gif showing action of magnets in insoles


Why Join Nikken Wellness

Recorded last year before I became a healthier product of the products I promote.

Testimonial for young child with behavioural issues/limitless energy

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